09 April 2021

Way Out Radio #160: Punk, Reggae & Mental Health Chat With Tonic Music!

Tonic Music For Mental Health’s Steve Lowis joins DJ Paula Frost for a serious discussion of the mental health crisis facing musicians. From Avicii to Keith Flint of the Prodigy, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park to Amy Winehouse – Why are musicians dying so young? And on a grassroots level, how is the average musician coping with the current lockdown? In the UK, musicians have not been able to play full shows for over a year now. 80% of independent musicians aged 18-25 are saying they’ve suffered from stress, anxiety and/or depression in relation to their music creation in 2021.
Please support the charity here: tonicmusic.co.uk

Paula is doing a Wing Walk for Barry’s Flying Circus to raise money for musicians suffering from mental health issues! Donate here: