08 March 2017

Tragedy, Dead Happy and Winter Storm review – The Robin 2, Bilston

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It was a cold and bitter Thursday evening in March and at The Robin 2 in Bilston, Tragedy, the all metal tribute to the Bee Gees and beyond were bringing their signature glitter covered party to raise everyone’s spirits.

The opening support act on the night was local dark melodic metallers, Winter Storm [6]. They played a recognisable set of their signature songs including Fire Dancer and Dark Awakening and also gave us a preview of their forthcoming album with Astral World. Their usual bass player was unable to make it so they had Cici stand in, who might I add did not look out of place (I hope I’m spelling her name right! By all means let me know). The crowd took a bit of warming up, so much so that front woman Hannah invited them to move in closer. The set was cut short but the Winter Storm did a good job with a tough crowd, bearing in mind they may not have been expecting this genre of metal to kickoff a Tragedy gig.

After a brief changeover it was the turn of another local based band, this time purveyors of freaky disco metal, Dead Happy [10]. They entered the stage by front man Regan Smash wheeling their guitarist UV Jamie on stage in his wheelchair and then their suited bass player Harry Sequin also joined them. They really have to be seen to be believed. Dead Happy look like they have just escaped a mental institute. The Dead Happy trio blasted the cobwebs off the crowd with their frantic set that really can only be described as freaky disco metal. Their addition of electronic hooks, robotic vocals and soundbites provide an incredible and unpredictable live experience. Highlights from their set included a cover of B-52’s “Rock Lobster”, a medley of 90s classics from these 90s kids (which itself included “Everybody Dance Now”, “Backstreet’s Back”, “Insane In The Membrane”, “What is Love”, “The Bad Touch” and others) and their most recent single “Off Switch”. This is one up and coming band you need to see live, keep an eye out on their social media to see when they are playing next.

After the final changeover of the night, the sound of sirens and destruction was blaring through the venue as the moment everyone was waiting for Tragedy [10] took to the stage. Wasting little time they opened with their signature twist on Bee Gee’s classic “Tragedy”. They went on to simulate unspeakable acts with their guitars (their resident towel boy and complete idiot Lance also had his way with a blow up doll!) to their take on “Grease Is The Word”. Frontman Disco Mountain Man told us a story about how a ghost perform a sex act on him last time they were in Bilston which turned out that she had his heart she ate it and when he climaxed, he did so all over the city. They went on to perform more incredible covers with their metal take on them including Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” (in the style of Kind Diamond, The Weather Girls’ “Raining Men” in the style of Slayer’s Raining Blood, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s “You’re The One That I Want”, Toto’s “Africa” and a host of classic Bee Gees songs such as “You Should Be Dancing”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, and of course “Stayin Alive”. Staying true to their online bio, they sweat glitter and came confetti all over the Bilston crowd. Tragedy were nothing short of entertaining with their witty banter and innovation in creating their own unique metal take on so many well known classics. I cannot wait until these guys return to the UK, this is one band you have to experience live.

While the show was awkward to get into with Winter Storm being such a different style to the rest of the lineup, the show built up steam as it went on. I have to say, Dead Happy are a revelation and if you are looking for something different look no further. And Tragedy were phenomenal. Their glitter covered party rocked The Robin 2 and everyone went home happy and dripping with confetti and glitter. Signs of a fantastic night out.

I had the opportunity of interviewing Mo’Royce Peterson before the show. Click here to check it out!

Reviewed by DJ Scott
Host of The Sanctum