22 August 2020

The Stonedead Radio show 21.8.20

The Stonedead Radio show Number 17 on the road to next year’s festival – featuring a look back at the Rockwich Festival in 2017, the ten finalists in the Opening Poll to start off the Stonedeaf Festival 2019 plus some new tracks and live stuff from Donington over the years. Can’t say it’s not varied!!

Track List –

Deep Purple – Stormbringer

Deep Purple – No Need To Shout

Ryders Creed – Rise

Black Cat Bones – The River

Y&T – Mean Streak (Live At Donington 1984)

Trapeze – Loser

Red Thirteen – My Maker

Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters – Bad Habit

Dead Man’s Whiskey – Racing Bullet

Kaine – Monument

Baleful Creed – Devil’s Side

Iron Maiden – Wrathchild (Live At Donington 1992)

The Sourheads – Don’t Get Caught (I Am The Lotus)

Soldato – Kryptonite

The Senton Bombs – Train Wreck

ACDC – TNT (Live At Donington 1991)

Mason Hill – Now You See Me

Gin Annie – Born To Rock N Roll

Thunder – She’s So Fine (Live At Donington 1990)

Collateral – Lullaby

Iconic Eye – Into The Light

Wolf Jaw – Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Samarkind – Thru That Door

Massive Wagons – Under No Illusion

Wayward Sons – Small Talk