20 June 2020

The Stonedead Radio Show 19.6.20

For those of you who remember going to the Monsters Of Rock festivals at Donington in the 80’s and 90’s, this show is for you. If you’ve also been to Newark in the last two years and are chomping at the bit for Stonedead 2020, this is sheer ecstasy. Sit back and enjoy two hours of classic stuff!!

Track List –

Fallen Mafia – Asylum

Whitesnake – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Live At Donington 1983)

ACDC – Let There Be Rock (Live At Donington 1981)

Chrome Molly – Corporation Fear

Riot – Rock City (Live At Donington 1980)

Rainbow – Lost In Hollywood (Live At Donington 1980)

Blackfoot – On The Run (Live At Donington 1981)

Motorhead – Killed By Death (Live At Donington 1986)

Hand Of Dimes – Bad Reputation

Twisted Sister – Shoot ‘Em Down (Live At Donington 1983)

ACDC – Guns For Hire (Live At Donington 1984)

Massive Wagons – Fee Fi Fo Fum

Gary Moore – Rocking And Rolling (Live At Donington 1984)

Graham Bonnet Band – Long Island Tea

The Almighty – Full Force Loving Machine (Live At Donington 1992)

Anvil – Winged Assassins

Dio – Stand Up And Shout (Live At Donington 1983)

Thunder – She’s So Fine (Live At Donington 1990)

Wolfsbane – Black Lagoon

Iron Maiden – The Clairvoyant (Live At Donington 1992)

Skid Row – Psycho Therapy

The Quireboys – 7 O’Clock

ACDC – Hell’s Bells (Live At Donington 1991)