22 May 2021

The Rule Breakers Chris Cornell Special 18.05.2021

The Rule Breakers with Lexi Frances Podcast 18.05.2021

Holding a special tribute to commemorate Chris Cornell who passed away 4 years ago.

With records from Garbage, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Brandi Carilie, The Black Keys, Beastwood, She Drew The Gun, Mothertown, Slash, Alice In Chains, Temple Of The Dog, Mother Love Bone, Led Zeppelin, Katherine Priddy, The Howling Tides, Doves, Delilah Bon and Them Crooked Vultures.

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This Week’s Playlist:

  • Blackberry Smoke – All Rise Again (ft Warren Haynes)
  • Delilah Bon – Soul Sisters
  • The Black Keys – Sad Days Lonely Nights
  • Beastwood – Electric Gangbang
  • She Drew The Gun – Cut Me Down
  • Alice In Chains – Man In The Box
  • The Howling Tides – Crack My Soul
  • Them Crooked Vultures – Spinning In Daffodils
  • Katherine Priddy – Indigo
  • Mothertown – A Different Light
  • Doves – Cedar Room
  • Audioslave – Show Me How To Live
  • Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose
  • Chris Cornell – Seasons
  • Slash – Promise (ft Chris Cornell)
  • Temple of The Dog – Times of Trouble
  • Brandi Carlile – Black Hole Sun
  • Garbage – Fix Me Now
  • Mother Love Bone – Crown Of Thorns
  • Led Zeppelin – In My Time of Dying