23 May 2021

Heresy with Adz 22.05.2021 World Goth Day

If you were busy watching Eurovision last night and missed Heresy, well, the podcast is now available to download.

We had #SoundtrackSoundbites with Virgin Prunes vocalist Gavin Friday. #HeresysQuantumLeap was with Zeromancer and Duran Duran took a joyride #OnTheFlipside


Disjecta Membra – Madeleine! Madeleine!
Hurtsfall – The Power
Sounds Like Winter – The Monsters
Megan McDuffee – Wicked Thing
Ashes Fallen – Vampira – The Ballad Of Maila
Gavin Friday – Lord I’m Coming
The Dramedy – The Clock Strikes Heaven (Timepiece Mix)
Caroline Blind – Tribe (Ben Christo Mix)
Brigitte Handley – Still Lives (Matahari Ranch)
Redwing Blackbird – Human Z
Duran Duran – Faster Than Light
Tayne – Silence
Dogtablet ft Sapphira Vee and Melodywhore – Every Little Lie
ESA – I Detatch
Order Of The Static Temple – Ridin’ In Sin
Weird Wolves – Overdrive
Handsome Abominations – Desiccant
5ilent 5olution – Decay
Zeromancer – Clone Your Lover
Zeromancer – Damned Le Monde
Kirlian Camera – I Became Alice
Chris Connelly and Monica Queen – Tae The Poets
Chemlab – Codeine, Glue and You

You can catch Heresy every Saturday at 10pm. Next week is our 1st covers special of the year!