15 February 2021

The Luuuurve edition of “The Lost Art” with Steve & Lou 14th Feb 2021

Just when you thought love and romance were dead, along comes the “Luuuurved up” edition of The Lost Art where, in the second hour, we explore the concept of LOVE and PROg in the same sentence, along with the usual mix of awesome new tuneage and an EXCLUSIVE interview with Rob and Mirron from new prog band RAIN….what ya’ waiting for ???

Featured on this week’s show……….

Arc Of Life – Locked Down
Return To Forever – Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant (Live)
Steven Wilson – The Tastemaker
Spock’s Beard – On A Perfect Day
35 Tapes – Wave
Steve Hackett – I Know What I Like (Live)
Yes – Love Will Find A Way (Extended Version)
Lonely Robot – Spiders
Marillion – No One Can
ELP – Still You Turn Me On
The Airwaves – Guess My Riddle
Steve Hackett – Your Own Special Way
3.2 – Never
Interview – Rob Groucutt & Mirron Webb (Rain)
The Prog Collective – Anything But Goodbye
Illuminae – Dark Horizons
Simulacrum – Genesis Part 2: Evolution Of Man