15 February 2021

Losin It With Luscious show #39 Best Pandemic Punk of 2020!

Originally broadcast on 15-02-21, Losin’ It With Luscious # 39 is bratty, puerile, mature, thoughtful, nihilistic, subtle, unhinged, opinionated commentary and music thrown at the listener like so much rotten, yet strange fruit. From new unknown talents to punk rock royalty, this episode is no exception!

This week features most of the best tunes from 2020, from Bob Vylan to War On Women to Hard Skin to 30+ more punk, metal, and freaky bands. Hear the evidence that 2020 wasn’t a TOTAL dumpster fire!

Hard Skin- The Same Song
Bad Cop/Bad Cop- Breastless
Brainbent- Panic
Bobby Funk- I’m A Cat
Gulag Beach- Copoccupation
Shrinkwrap Killers- It’s Not a Dead Body Inside This Bag
Private Function- Irresponsible Dog Owner (I’m An)
Otzi- Contagious
Middle Aged Queers- Gary’s Making Biscuits
Chubby and the Gang- Speed Kills
Neutrals- Personal Computing
Black Tones- The Devil and Grandma
Los Fastidios- A Message Pour Tou
Implosions- Rebel Girl
Sheiks of Neptune- Rebel Girl
Scaners- I Really Want To Know
X- Water and Wine
Cat SFX- Reunite
MFC Chicken- Fresh Chicken, Straight from the Trash
Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons- Knee Jerk
Globs- The Weird and Wonderful World of the Globs
Round Eye- Smokestack
Accidente- Hablar de lxs Muertxs
Blag Dahlia and Mickey Avalon- Bitches and Hos
Shehehe- Summer Camp Rant
PI$$ER- Nazi Rhythm
Sick Pig- Straight Outta Rampton
Brave The Cold- Necromatrix
Charger- Watch Your Back
Sky Tigers- Keep Christ in Christmas (and Out of Rock N Roll)
War On Women- Seed
Bob Vylan- We Live Here
Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine- Taliban USA
Damned- Keep ‘Em Alive