30 August 2021

The Lost Art with Steve ‘n Lou 29th Aug 2021

How’s it going fellow Progsters ??? Once again we bring you a heap of new stuff, old stuff and……just STUFF !!! Bringing you only the VERY BEST in Prog from around the World, why not stop off for a cuppa, put ya feet up and let us entertain you for the next three hours, enjoy – Steve & Lou xx

Bringing the joy…………

Genesis – Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea
Ray Wilson – The Weight Of Man
Proud Peasant – Daybreak
NMB – Bridge Over Troubled Water
Leprous – Nighttime Disguise
Azure – Ameotoko II: Cloudburst
Dream Theater – As I Am (Instrumental Demo)
Enchant – Paint The Picture
RPWL – Welcome To The Freakshow
The Flower Kings – Road To Sanctuary
Tesseract – Juno
David Bowie – Heathen
Peter Gabriel – Digging In the Dirt (Live)
Francis Dunnery – Sunflowers
Focus – Hocus Pocus (Live)
Pelikel – In A Way
Anyone – Elations
Ian Hill – Arik’s Journey (final segment)