30 August 2021

Losin It With Luscious show #65 Old City, connecting the dots, and tons o’ punk!

This week we hear about Old City’s fusion of hip-hop and punk & their collaboration with War On Women, hear tons of new punk from Spitboy, Klubber Lang, Wonk Unit, GLOO, Baabes, Dave Hause, connect the dots between A.F.I., Monsula, Thought Riot,& Avail, and rock out to faves from Ministry, Inflatable Children, Tim Timebomb, Uranium Club, Anti-Flag, Star Strangled Bastards, The Damned, Mr. T Experience, Green Day, Grady, Snuff, Influents, Replacements, Culture Shock, Citizen Fish, Rubella Ballet, Paint It Black, Youth of Today, & Whiskey & Co.!

Old City- Class Act
Old City- Jump Off
War On Women- Pleasure and the Beast
Anti-Flag- Die For The Government
Spitboy- Motivated By Fear
Star Spangled Bastards- We Will End Your Life
Klubber Lang- Not My Day
Damned- So Messed Up
Mr. T Experience- Alternative Is Here To Stay
Green Day- Going To Pasalacqua
Wonk Unit- Skin To Skin
GLOO- Work So Hard
Baabes- Greaaseballs To Glitters
Grady- Three Minute Song
Thought Riot- You’re Gonna Die
A.F.I.- Two Of A Kind
Avail- Cross Tie
Monsula- Razors (from the Nickel EP)
Snuff- Kings of the Spanish Oi Scene
Influents- Longest Nights
Replacements- Hold My Life
Rubella Ballet- Tangled Web (2018)
Culture Shock- Concentration
Culture Shock- Concentration Dub
Citizen Fish- Flesh And Blood
Dave Hause- Surfboard
Whiskey and Co.- Pills (Crushed Up)
Paint It Black- Atticus Finch
Paint It Black- Bravo Another Beautiful Fuck You Song
Youth Of Today- Thinking Straight
Uranium Club- Grease Monkey
Tim Timebomb- I Wanna Get Rid Of You
Inflatable Children- Fat Albert
Ministry- Stigmata

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