17 May 2021

The Lost Art with Steve ‘n Lou 16th May 2021 (inc ROB REED interview)

Roll up, roll up for the show of the century as we once again explore all that the “wonderful world of Prog” has to offer, but with the added bonus of an extended, revealing and wonderful chat with none other than the mighty ROB REED (Kiama, Cyan, Kompendium, Magenta, ChimpaA etc etc).

Enjoy the show – Steve & Lou xx

Acolyte – Idiosyncrasy
Kansas – Portrait (He Knew) – LIVE
Frost* – Day And Age
Bobby Shock – Street Angels
Gentle Giant – Intro 1976
Gentle Giant – Mister Class And Quality
Genesis – Fly On A Windshield
Genesis – Broadway Melody Of 1974
Anathema – Leaving It Behind
Planets And The Water – Mars And Phobos
Zombi – Black Forest
Electro Compulsive Therapy – Glow
Magenta – Demons (Live)
Rob Reed Interview
Rob Reed (Cursus) – Witness