01 August 2022

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 31st July 2022

After the total mess with the station stream when the show went out live, revel in the fact that the show is now available FOREVER for you to enjoy over and over.

Have an AWESOME week – Steve and Lou xxx


UK – In The Dead Of Night
The Tangent – In The Dead Of Night/Tangential Aura/Reprise
Ryo Okumoto – Mirror, Mirror
Arena – Bedlam Fayre
Cyber Band – As I Sail
Dream Theater – Enigma Machine
Derek Sherinan – Them Changes
Porcupine Tree – Chimera’s Wreck
Chroma Key – Color Blind
OSI – Cold Call
Steven Wilson – The Holy Drinker
Opeth – Face Of Melinda
Blind Ego – Preaching To The Choir
Riverside – The Same River
Candacraig – Fearless
The Tirith – The Tower (Biometric Remix)
Pink Floyd – Dogs (2018 remix)
Arthur Brown – Going Down
Suspension Solar – Crisis Del Sar Abstracto