01 August 2022

Losin It With Luscious #108 Sheffield Riot Grrls, Zounds b/w Oakland weirdness, 80s Frisco punx, & so much more!


New Riot Grrl punk from Sheffield’s Skint Knees & new trippy weirdness from Oakland & Zounds- Blood Moon Wedding!- mixed with new punk from Bombardement, Suck, Pleasure Venom, Battery Farm, Salem Trials, Deadlock, Rough Gutts, Matt Holdaway’s Army, & Dub War, classics from Sepultura, Black Flag, Lewd, Tina & the Total Babes, Buzzcocks, Feederz, TSOL, Rudimentary Peni, Fea, Fuel, Poison Girls, Glitoris, Black Tones, Malignus Youth, Ludicra, Poison Idea, Gang Green, Scene Killers, The Chisel,  & Pink Lincolns, and the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Lewd- I’m Not Pretty
Bombardement- Poison
Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown
Buzzcocks- Boredom
Suck- Lucifer
Tina and the Total Babes- Why Do I Like You
Feederz- Stayfree
T.S.O.L.- Abolish Government/Silent Majority
Pleasure Venom- Severed Ties
Rudimentary Peni- The Cloud Song
Battery Farm- A Working Class Lad
Salem Trials- Are We The Baddies?
Fea- Itch
Fuel- Disengaged
Blood Moon Wedding- Hot Blood In The Sun
Matt Holdaway’s Army- Gravity
Skint Knees- New Generation
Poison Girls- Reality Attack
Glitoris- Slut Power
Black Tones- Where Do We Go
Deadlock- Deadweight
Malignus Youth- SUE
Malignus Youth- Dancing Through The Fleshhold
Rough Gutts- Don’t Wanna Go
Pink Lincolns- I’ve Got My Tie On
Chisel- Criminal Crew
Scene Killers- Eyes and Ears
Gang Green- Alcohol
Poison Idea- Jail House Stomp
Dub War- Vibes In The Place
Sepultura- Nomad
Ludicra- In The Greenest Maze

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