24 January 2022

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 23rd Jan 2022

A Progtastic way to kick-start your week of music folks, the latest edition of “The Lost Art” is good-to-go !!

Join us for another 3 hour sesh of all that is fine ‘n dandy in the wonderful world of PROG. Enjoy, Steve & Lou xx

This week…

The Flower Kings – A Million Stars
Simon Phillips – When the Cat’s Away
Cody Carpenter – Trying To Explain
Twin Age – Twelve Feet Tall
Collage – One Empty Hand
Ozric Tentacles – Lost In The Sky
Solstice – Stand Up
Jeff Beck – What Momma Said
Threshold – A Tension Of Souls
PSMS – Acid Rain (Live)
Symphony X – To Hell And Back
King’s X – Bee Bop
Weather Report – River People
Steve Lukather – Love The Things You Hate
Timelock – The Devil’s Hour
Lalu – Paint The Sky
The Windmill – The Gamer
Android – Dream Of A Prime Crime
The Glass Pavilion – Winter Gardens