24 January 2022

Losin It With Luscious #81 Fun with the Screamers to Nunslaughter & all punk points between!


Show #81 features The Screamers & their 1st official release after 45 years, plus newly released tracks from The Dobermen (Street Walkin Cheetahs/Pansy Division), Seized Up (Good Riddance/Bl’ast), Street Diamonds (Jack Acid/Gods Hate Kansas), 8 Kalacas, Last Gang, Talk Show Host, Call To The Faithful, Dead Panda, Cross Stitched Eyes (Charger/UK Subs), Filth Is Eternal, Ladybird, Fights And Fires, plus a satiric ode to Boris Johnson from Kill The Giants! Add in faves from The Ramones, Neutrals, Alkaline Trio, UK Subs, Offspring, La Plebe, L7, Otzi, Black Flag, Avengers, Tim Timebomb, Sloppy Seconds, Blood Command, AC/DC, Turbonegro, Queers, Steve Adamyk Band, Anti-Nowhere League and the Luscious Listener’s Choice, and you’ve got a humdinger of an episode of Losin’ It With Luscious!

Screamers- Punish Or Be Damned (1977 Hollywood Demo)
Otzi- Drought
Seized Up- Disasteroid Mutation
Filth Is Eternal- The Chain
Filth Is Eternal- Strange Man
Black Flag- Six Pack
Avengers- The American In Me
Street Diamonds- The Right To Be Dumb (Demo)
Offspring- Take It Like A Man
Fights And Fires- Disposable Dogs
Neutrals- Personal Computing
Ladybird- Bludsuckers
Steve Adamyk Band- I Fought For The USA
Kill The Giants- Rule For Us
Tim Timebomb- Concrete Jungle
8 Kalacas- Frontera
La Plebe- Pinches Fronteras
Last Gang- Panic Dreaming
Sloppy Seconds- Black Roses
Queers- Fuck The World
Ramones- She’s The One
Talk Show Host- Up To No Good (Again)
Alkaline Trio- Mercy Me
Dobermen- It’s All Lies
L7- Wargasm
Blood Command- High Five For Life
Call To The Faithful- The Way You Taste
Dead Panda- Jive Time (Redux)
Nunslaughter- Bring Me The Head of God
Cross Stitched Eyes- The Pattern
Turbonegro- Hot For Nietzsche
Anti-Nowhere League- Let’s Break The Law (Remix)
U.K. Subs- Street Legal
AC/DC- She’s Got Balls


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