19 April 2021

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 18th April 2021

Here we go again folks with your weekly trip down Progtastic Lane !! Join Steve & Lou for another 3 hour Prog Bash on “The Lost Art” – Joining the fun….

Peter Gabriel – Darkness
The Watch – Welcome To Your Life
Alessandro Bertoni – The Keystone Age
Blnd Ego – Preaching To The Choir
Last Flight To Pluto – Supergirl
Camel – Never Let Go
Dust Mice – Desert Bus
Overworld Dreams – Puppeteer
Arena – Smoke And Mirrors
Liquid Tension Experiment – Key To The Imagination
Sylvan – Start Of Your Life
Rush – Cygnus X-1 Book 2: Hemispheres
Marquette – No Answer
Hipokamp Project – Futurocklogia
Twangmen – Bridgeland
Joe Bonamassa – Mountain Climbing
Big Big Train – Victorian Brickwork
Death Hilarious – So Long