19 April 2021

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 16.04.21

Welcome, greetings and salutations to another edition of The Global Onslaught with your host Adam Onslaught on MMH The Home of Rock Radio. On this week’s instalment we blow some cool Blackberry Smoke in your direction, check out the latest single from Brit Rocker’s Massive Wagons and dip our toe in the heaviness of Oceans, a sensory exploration into guitar-influenced music.
Our guests this week have a new album coming out on May 7th “Now or Nowhere” produced by the legendary Bob Rock and we are joined by Lee-la Baum, PY Letellier and Tom Shermerr of The Damn Truth. We play their new single “This Is Who We are Now”, talk about a change in perspective and what it was like working in the studio with LEGENDARY Producer Bob Rock. A fascinating band, an incredible album and not to be missed.

On this week’s show.

Austin Meade- Good Side
Blackberry Smoke- Ain’t The Same
Boss Keloid- Gentle Clovis
Brazen Bull- Pact in Blood
Ellis Mano Band- Keep It Simple
Head with Wings- In a House Without Clocks
Light the Torch- Wilting in The Light
Massive Wagons- Changes
Molybaron- Animals
Oceans- Shark Tooth
Perturbator- Dethroned Under a Funeral Haze
Phoxjaw- An Owl is A Cat with Wings
Reach- The Streets
Sinoptik- Sell Gods Number
Stoneside- History of Violence
Tayne- Coherent
Tetrarch- Negative Noise
The Cadillac Three- Bridges
The Damn Truth- Gimme Shelter
The Damn Truth- This is Who We are Now
Tijuana Bibles- Human Torch
Trucker Diablo- I am Still Alive
Twisted Illusion- Hatred is a Virtue
Vola- Straight Lines