05 October 2020

The Lost Art with Steve Gould 4th Oct 2020

Featuring a treasure trove of awesome new tuneage, I hope you’re geared up ‘n ready guys, coz this week’s show is a total BLAST from beginning to end. All aboard…………

Magnum – Don’t Wake The Lion
Asia – Free
Yes – Imagine (Live)
Karfagen – Solitary Sandpiper King
Moonrise – Dive
Roger Waters – Pigs (Live)
Benjamin’s Kite – Sector 85
Mark Kelly’s Marathon – Amelia
Bobby Shock – Don’t Look Back
Mostly Autumn – Down By the River
The Violet Root – Cowards
Ring Van Mobius – Illuminati
The Flowers Of London – Did You Really Have To Do It ??
THEO – Portents And Providence
Built For The Future – Distant Land