05 October 2020

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 02.10.20

Welcome to a very special edition of The Global Onslaught. This week we celebrate the release day of the long-awaited 9th studio album “Dealing with Demon’s Part One” by American Riff-Lords Devildriver. We play three tracks from the album and have an in-depth interview with guitarist Mike Spreitzer talking about living with forest fires, Covid and the recording of the two-part release. All that and a whole host of great music to get you ready for the weekend.

On the show this week.

Abertooth Lincoln- Hell House
Benediction- Stormcrow
Burning Witches-The Circle of Five
Dead Poet Society- In Too Deep
Devildriver- Dealing with Demons
Devildriver- Keep Away from Me
Devildriver- Wishing
Donna Cannone- Cross The Line
Hatebreed- Weight of the False Self
Heathen- Sun in my Hand
High as Hell- House of the Holy
Kataklysm- Cut Me Down
Kilfeather- Never Stop
Kingdom of Giants- Blue Dream
My Dying Bride- A Secret Kiss
Ocean Hills- Bound
Skam-Green Eyes
The Dead Daisies- Bustle and Flow
The Night Flight Orchestra- Impossible
Twister- 64 White Lies
Weller- Loneliness