29 June 2020

The Lost Art with Steve Gould 28th June 2020

Family – Burlesque
It Bites – Positively Animal
Kansas – Throwing Mountains
The Tangent – Life On Hold
Ayreon – The Fifth Extinction
Rick Wakeman – Sober
Sarastro Blake – Stanzas For Music
Citizen Cain – (Hell’s Greedy Children) Last Days Of Cain
Transatlantic – Duel With The Devil
Tantalus – Better Promise
Man-Akin – The Rift
The Arc Light Sessions – The Persistence Of Memory
Gregorian Rock – Consuming Fire
Adagio – The Mirror Stage
Anathema – Endless Ways
Oliver Wakeman – The Enchanter
Lesoir – Dystopia
Hawkwind – You Shouldn’t Do That