28 March 2022

The Lost Art with Steve and Lou 27th March 2022

Praise and celebration indeed for all the LADIES out there, especially the MOTHERS, be they expectant, Grandmother, no longer with us or simply the BEST !!
Join Steve & lou for this week’s epic edition of “The Lost Art” where we pay homage to these special people in our lives, plus pay some AWESOME tunez in the bargain LOL. Have an AMAZING week guys, Steve and Lou xx

This time.

Pink Floyd – Mother
Caravan – Golf Girl
Subspace Radio – The House
By Sunlight – Bastion
Darwin’s Radio – Eccentric Orbits
Francis Dunnery – My Own Reality (Live)
Kaipa – Urskog
Kalle Wallner – Four
Peter Gabriel – Moribund The Burgermeister
Genesis – Mama
Ray Wilson & Stiltskin – She
Marillion – Care
Fish – Question
Yes – Rhythm Of Love
Boston – Get Organized
Fire Whale – So It Goes
Local Chapter – Deadly Black Sun
Curved Air – Young Mother
Bill Bruford – Seems Like A Lifetime Ago (Pts 1 and 2)
Yes – The Gates Of Delirium