28 March 2022

Losin It With Luscious #90 Punx cover Accept + AC/DC, Anarchist Social Clubs, & Prey Punk!




Hear punx cover ACCEPT & AC/DC, take a trip to Sumac Centre (Notts’ Anarchist Social Club), hear a special Ukraine song by Revolution Rabbit Deluxe, a World Premiere from Prey, and the latest from Suede Razors, Otoboke Beaver, Hostile Architecture, Rich Gulag, Eric Din, Municipal Waste, Omni of Halos, Rotten Mind, classics from Avengers, Fea, Gay C/DC, Mispelt, Ramones, Born To Destruct, Buzzcocks, DRI, Nina Hagen Band, OHL, Accidente, AFI, Children Of Technology, Damned, Legion Of Parasites, Detonators, Nip Drivers, Born Shit-Stirrers, Jim Carroll Band, Sacred Reich, Rancid, & the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Municipal Waste- Born To Party
Sacred Reich- Surf Nicaragua
Legion Of Parasites- Massacre
Children Of Technology- Wasteland Cratediggers
Otoboke Beaver- Pardon?
D.R.I.- Balance Of Terror
D.R.I.- My Fate To Hate
D.R.I.- Who Am I
Prey- Monster
Prey- Tin Man
Detonators- Rat Racer
Omni Of Halos- You Suck
Damned- Fan Club
Born Shit-Stirrers- Smash Your Smartphone
Born Shit-Stirrers- Fuck My Fucking Life
Nip Drivers- E.Y.O.B.
Accidente- Canibal
A.F.I.- High School Football Hero
O.H.L.- Botschaftslied
Avengers- Uh Oh (The American In Me)
Negative Trend- Meat House
Rancid- Bloodclot
Eric Din- Always For A Moment
Jim Carroll Band- Nothing Is True
Suede Razors- I’m A Rebel
Gay C/DC- Gay Boy Boogie
Nina Hagen Band- Ranghen
Fea- Out The Window
Revolution Rabbit Deluxe- Slava Ukraini
Ramones- Pet Sematary
Born To Destruct- We Love It
Mispelt- The 99%
Rich Gulag- Terror
Hostile Architect- Power Overwhelming (Alpha Mix)
Rotten Mind- Lose Lose
Buzzcocks- Time’s Up (Spiral Scratch)
Nomeansno- Sex Mad


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