21 March 2022

The Lost Art with Steve and Lou 20th March 2022

Hot Off The Presses !!! It’s the very latest edition of “The Lost Art” with the two old bods, bringing you a wealth of awesome PROG EVERY week.

Whatcha waiting for……….click away. Have an AMAZING week, Steve & Lou xx

Featured this week.

Dave Cureton – Set You Free
Von Hertzen Brothers – Peace Patrol
Argent – Music From The Spheres
Tangerine Dream – Roll The Seven Twice
Marillion – The King Of Sunset Town
Karcius – The Ladder
Gentle Giant – Proclamation
Lonely Robot – Life Is A Sine Wave
Gandalf’s Fist – Leader Of Men
Arena – Solomon (Live)
Kino – I Won’t Break So Easily Anymore
It Bites – Wallflower
Martin Orford – Take It To The Sun
Sound Of Contact – Cosmic Distance Ladder
Muzak – I Find Myself
Mental Fracture – Inception Of Fear
Time Horizon – The Great Divide
Moon Halo – Back To Normality
Kosmodome – Deadbeat
The Dark Moon Ensemble – Winter’s Dark Moon