21 March 2022

Losin It With Luscious #89 ”Kviv Calling” all punks- & what other bands think about The Ramones!


We feature Beton’s Ukrainian rewrite of The Clash’s “London Calling” against the Russian invasion, WORLD PREMIERES from Los Peyotes & Eric Din, and a look at The Ramones through other bands’ eyes! Plus new tracks from Extinction A.D., Cage Fight, TV Drugs, Kombi Killers, Fea, Da Groins, classics from Joan Jett, Motorhead, Billy No-Mates, Ramoms, Carbon/Silicon, Butthole Surfers, Mr. T Experience, Senzabenza, Bobby Ramone, GBH, Derelicts, Muffs, Leftovers, Dwarves, Nick Lowe, Death Traps, a dive into Satanic Metal w/ Slayer, Nunslaughter, Venom, & the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Fea- Girl Band
Fea- Let Me Down
Da Groins- Kick Him In The Publics
Los Peyotes- Dame Dinamita
Billy No-Mates- If These Streets Could Talk
Death Traps- Joan Jett
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- TMI
Beton- Kviv Calling
Carbon/Silicon- The News
Eric Din- I Can See It Now
Nick Lowe- Cracking Up
Leftovers- Telephone Operator
Muffs- Another Day
Derelicts- Dirty City Rotten Life
Dwarves- Free Cocaine
Dwarves- She’s Dead
Kombi Killers- Sick World
G.B.H.- Race Against Time
TV Drugs- The Whole World’s Askin’ For It
Motorhead- R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
Ramoms- The P.T.A. Took My Mommy Away
Bobby Ramone- Stirring In My Room
Senzabenza- The Curse Of The Ramones
Mr. T Experience- The End Of The Ramones
Ramones- I’m Against It
Ramones- Rockaway Beach
Ramones- Spiderman
Ramones- Psycho Therapy
Ifriqiyya Electrique- Mabrooka
Butthole Surfers- USSA
Cage Fight- Respect Ends
Extinction A.D.- Culture Of Violence
Slayer- Altar Of Sacrifice
Slayer- Jesus Saves
Nunslaughter- Devil Metal
Venom- Live Like An Angel Die Like A Devil

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