03 January 2022

The Lost Art 2021 Retrospective Part 1 with Steve & Lou 2nd Jan 2022

You may want to put the memory of 2021 well and truly in the outer reaches of your mind, done ‘n dusted, BUT from a PROG point of view it was a BUMPER year, with more new releases than you could even begin to imagine. We could probably do TEN shows to cover the music from last year, but have sensibly decided to limit it to TWO shows and this week you have Part 1, which takes you up to the end of August, the final four months of the year saw some INCREDIBLE new albums hit the scene, but you’ll just have to wait until next week for them. Meanwhile, chill, kick back and delve into the next three hours of awesome Proggage with Steve & Lou, a fine way to start your day xxx

Transatlantic – Heart Like A Whirlwind
Eyesberg – Walking In Storms
35 Tapes – Undertows
Lifesigns – Shoreline
The Emerald Dawn – And I Stood Transfixed
Nad Sylvan – The Stolen Child
Steven Wilson – Move Like A Fever
Dream Theater – Sleeping Giant
Liquid Tension Experiment – Hypersonic
Jeff Scott Soto – Livin’ The Life
Mastodon – Gobblers Of Dregs
Wheel – Resident Human
Hippo Tracktor – Mover Of Skies
Leprous – The Silent Revolution
Frost* – Repeat To Fade
Sylvan – Go Viral
Big Big Train – Black With Ink
Feeling Of Presence – Fluorescent Detail
Kyros – Heartstrings (Cover)
Trifecta – Voyage Of Discovery
Alberto Rigoni – The Miracle