03 January 2022

Losin It With Luscious #78 2022 starts PUNK with fresh vinyl from the USA!

The 1st show of 2022 features tons of vinyl I’ve just brought back from the USA, new punk from Filth Is Eternal, Screamers, Neighborhood Brats, Muslims, Skiplickers, classics from Poison Idea, Tilt, Jello Biafra With The Melvins, Abrasive Wheels, Manic Hispanic, Aggrolites, Cobra, Tiger Army, SVT, Nunslaughter, From Ashes Rise, Boris The Sprinkler, Franz Nicolay, Seized Up, Hammerbombs, Zero Boys, Severance Package, Fifteen, Hemi, Suede Razors, Otzi, Big Black, The Heads, Younger Lovers, Randy, Young Canadians, Stiff Little Fingers, Joan Jett, the answers to the Joe Strummer contest questions, and the return of the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Neighborhood Brats- Who Took The Rain
Neighborhood Brats- Harvey Weinstein (Is A Symptom)
Joan Jett- I Want You (1979 version)
Stiff Little Fingers- Barbed Wire Love (Inflammable Material version)
Randy- Cheap Thrills
Filth Is Eternal- Nosebleed
Filth Is Eternal- The Dog
Poison Idea- Alan’s On Fire
Zero Boys- Hightime
Young Canadians- Well, Well, Well
Younger Lovers- Our Love Is Tight
Heads- Barcoded
Screamers- Peer Pressure
Big Black- The Model
Otzi- Gong Show
Muslims- Fuck These Fucking Fascists
Suede Razors- Boys Night Out
Hemi- Save Yourself
Severance Package- All Down Hill
Fifteen- Resolution
Hammerbombs- Full Of Shit
Seized Up- Taking Back The Neighborhood
Franz Nicolay- The Hearts of Boston
Boris The Sprinkler- Ejector Seat
From Ashes Rise- The Last Word
Nunslaughter- Poisoned Priest
S.V.T.- Red Blue Jeans
Tiger Army- Never Die
Cobra- Worst Music
Tilt- Yellow Bellies
Manic Hispanic- 63
Aggrolites- Dirty Reggae
Skiplickers- Banned From The Pubs
Abrasive Wheels- Army Song
Jello Biafra With The Melvins- Halo Of Flies

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