28 August 2018

The Inaugural Stonedeaf Festival 2018!!!


STONEDEAF FESTIVAL – Newark Showground,

August 25th 2018


Standing a short distance from the A1, a major trunk road running up the right-hand side of the UK, sits a field. This field has seen many a sight, Comic Con, Classic and American Car Shows and on Sunday, the Antiques Roadshow; but for a change and only for a day it is transformed back to the era when Rock Shows were more about the music than making a huge profit!

STONEDEAF as the title suggests is harking back to the good old days when we had just the one stage so there weren’t any clashes, miles to walk or a cacophony of muddle sounds filling the air and smashing your aural senses.

Some might say Donington or rather Download is now too big so its great to see some of the old ‘MONSTERS OF ROCK’ Veterans getting together and putting the Monster back into Rock! And what a cracking job they’ve done.

STONEDEAF 2019 is already a thing!

With this being the first of what I’m sure will be a long line of shows to grace the Newark Showground. We are greeted with friendly volunteers who seem only too happy to direct you around the venue, I think slightly better road signage will make finding the entrance a little less frustrating for the eager amongst us. driving down a narrow country lane looking for the A4 signs is great, but when there’s a battalion of Rockers behind you all eager to get there it might be a bit easier with flashing NEON and follow huge FOLLOW ME arrows.

Once inside the arena looks great, the best meeting place, The Motley Brew, at any venue is already here, but at 08:30, Phil and the team are still waking up! I can recommend the Yorkshire Tea and a Bourbon Jovi to dunk!

At 11:11 am we have a minute’s respect for those who gave everything. With it being the 100year anniversary of WW1 we have a Military Standard being flown. A fitting respect as one of our Veterans leads the way in raising a shot to the fallen boys and girls who have served our great country over the years. Respectfully upheld by the gathered teary-eyed crowd.

Right onto the music. We are in for a treat as we have Nine bands treading the virgin Stonedeaf Stage, of which, several have been around since those halcyon days. This is going to be bloody epic!

Oh and let’s not forget the Midlands Metalheads very own Smudge and Glyn for stepping in at the 12th hour to help out with the tunes between sets, these guys were amazing at keeping the crowd at fever pitch!


There is a great review of the day put together by Midlands Metalheads very own Tina Culbertson so make sure you read her write up on this excellent festival.



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