10 August 2018

The Breakfast Show 9.8.18

Another two hour romp through classic rock tracks and some new releases. We’ll also bring you exclusive Steelhouse Festival interviews with Those Damn Crows and Mason Hill for good measure!



Golden Earring – Radar Love

Kiss – Thief In The Night

Scorpions – Dynamite

At The Sun – Indestructible

Jack J Hutchinson – Deal With The Devil

Those Damn Crows – Rock n Roll Ain’t Dead

Iron Maiden – Be Quick Or Be Dead

Rising FiVe – Light The Fuse

Airbourne – Born To Kill

Destinia – Metamorphosis

AC/DC – Back In Black

Mason Hill – Now You See Me

Alter Bridge – Ghost Of Days Gone By

Skid Row – The Threat

Megadeth – Symphony Of Destruction

Rainbow – Kill The King

Broken Witt Rebels – Georgina Pine

Absolva – Rise Again

Threshold – Small Dark Lines

Black Sabbath – Supernaut