10 August 2018

SheWolf Unsigned – Linda Parker 9.8.18


Listen again to SheWolf Unsigned with Linda Parker.
Play tracks from
Dark Valley, Faith Lords, Will The Thrill, Fire Road, Kamensko,
The Featherz, The Flesh Velvet, Cancel The Transmission
100 Proof Justice, Second Player Score, Ventures, Samarkind, Baleful Creed, Mercy and The Wild Sea, These Wicked Rivers
Bitter Divide, Kingdom Of Reptiles, Incognito Theory, No Operator, Buzzard, Eyes Of The Raven

This Weeks Playlist…..
Dark Valley – Bird Of Prey
Faith Lords – Sweet Penny Poison
Will The Thrill – I Don’t Answer To You
FiredRoad – Before The Matinee
Kamensko – In Human Condition
The Featherz – Bad Girl
The Flesh Velvet – 27
Cancel The Transmission – Back To The Start
100 Proof Justice – 100 Proof Justice
Second Player Score – Liberty’s End
Raze – Southpaw
Ventures – Song 42
Samarkind – Black Rain
Baleful Creed – Autumn Leaves
Mercy and The Wild Sea – Time To Go Stealing
These Wicked Rivers – Testify
Bitter Divide – Portrait
Kingdom Of Reptiles – In My Head
Incognito Theory – Ashes Divide
No Operator – Little Pieces
Buzzard – The Line
Eyes Of The Raven – Crown Of Serpents