20 June 2021

The Blues Cruise with Mr B – 20th June 2021

The Blues Cruise is a voyage through a wealth of established and lesser-known blues artists. Whether you like old school like Delta and Chicago Blues, more recent rhythm and blues, or some unadulterated blues-rock, you will not be disappointed. Mr. B gets out and about to discover what’s new and what’s hot on the blues scene at local venues, bringing you the latest about bands to follow. The blues is alive and well on MMH – The Home of Rock Radio, so join Mr. B and explore the best the genre has to offer.

Troy Redfern – Scorpio
Ivy Gold – This is my time
Billy F Gibbons – My Lucky Card
Samantha Fish – Bulletproof
Laurence Jones – Touch your moonlight
Quinn Sullivan – In A World Without You
Jamie Thyer – Mr Make Believe
When Rivers Meet – Kissing the sky
Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm – Lady Loretta
Katie Knipp – Chamomile & Cocaine
Emma Wilson & Terry Reid – See You In The Morning
John Verity – Broken Heart
King King – Rush hour (live)
Danielle Nicole – Purple Rain
Matt Long – Ethereal
Toby Lee – Take the wheel
Alastair Greene – Love you so bad (Live)
Dom Martin – Shreds the Blues on “Ned” Guitar
Larkin Poe – Who do you love
Eric Clapton – Old love