24 September 2019

Survive – Immortal Warriors

Tokyo’s metal sensation Survive have released their 7th full-length album, Immortal Warriors, today 24th September 2019. This four-piece band work to fuse old and new metal into one sound, and have a secret track on this record which is their cover of Metallica’sMaster of Puppets“. That alone was a good reason to be excited.
Survive have toured with the likes of Behemoth, Killswitch Engage and Amon Amarth, and played at a range of festivals around the world.

Track one, “Degenerate”, starts off quite intensely. Sounds of heavy breathing and gusts of wind, and other ambient background music, build up to an eventual drop. The drums come in, and the introduction to Immortal Warriors begins. As it’s the first time hearing Survive, I really pick up on those old school vibes.
I do feel as though “Degenerate” is more of an introductory track, as it does mellow out to something quite slow. Especially in comparison to track number two, “Wrath”, which remains quick and heavy.

Their album-titled song “Immortal Warriors” is definitely a highlight for me, as it’s the first track on the album which includes clean vocals. It gives the listener a chance to see more of what the band can do. It’s very melodic, but mixes well with the heavier sections. “Tears of the Victims” is very much the same deal; good mix of clean vocals while remaining fast-paced and, in Survive‘s own words, violent. “Tears of the Victims” also has a good drop about half way through, giving it that extra oomph.

Something I do really like about this album is that it could have easily become monotonous, but Survive have really done their best to make each song stand out from one another. “Wither My Dying Blood” is another notable highlight on this record because it, again, incorporates those clean vocals in with a fast drum line – and you can hear that Metallica influence kick in again.

Focusing on their Metallica cover, I think it’s safe to say that they pulled it off. In comparison to the rest of their album, you may have anticipated a heavier version – which may have taken it a little too far for major fans. But I think they have got it spot on. The vocals are good, and the band has worked well to recreate it. My only comment would be that certain parts could have done with some extra power behind the vocals to give it a little more husk and ruggedness.

If you’re a fan of Metallica and heavy metal then this album definitely combines the two and creates something that’s worth a listen. Survive have definitely done what they set out to do – to create a sound that combines the old and the new.

You can find Survive on Facebook here.