17 September 2019

Steel Panther – Heavy Metal Rules

Steel Panther are best known for their Glam-Rock aesthetics, humour and mass innuendos. These rockers have been bringing us comical classics since the early 2000’s, and are now bringing us another installment of ballads on 27th September 2019. Whether it’s all the girls they bring on stage, the sex-rehab or the added lipstick, this band seem to be the gift that keeps on giving.

The Music

After a 35 second intro track, the album kicks off with some good songs which you could really dance (and sing) to. “Let’s Get High Tonight” and “I’m Not Your Bitch” are notable favourites.
“Let’s Get High Tonight” gives us oomph from start to finish. Even if the lyrics aren’t to your taste, the rest of the song is enough to get your feet tapping. I think it’s definitely one of the songs from this album which are destined to become a staple. Same goes for “I’m Not Your Bitch”, but with a little extra foreplay. You can see yourself driving down the road singing along, disappointing your family. It’s got that quirky humour to it, but you can find yourself singing along by the second verse.

Heavy Metal Rules still encompasses all that we have grown to love about this group, including their sass and 80’s hair. I’ve always liked Steel Panther because they are such big characters, and sometimes you need a little reminder to not take life so seriously. Whether that’s through the many memes you come across on the internet, or what comes up on your playlist shuffle.

It’s no surprise that Steel Panther are such a niche band. On one hand every album is very similar; songs about sex, drugs, partying, etc. Heavy Metal Rules is no exception, and you could say that there isn’t much in the way of any unique songs either. On the other hand, Steel Panther wouldn’t be Steel Panther without the debauchery and humour – and I guess that’s why so many love them. Will there ever be an album without it? Probably not.

The one song on this album which I feel is a bit lack lustre, in comparison to the others, is “Gods of Pussy”. The chorus is as expected, but the first half a minute is quite slow and underwhelming. It does, however, have a nice guitar solo mid-way, which takes up a large portion of the track.


For fans, this is another great album. It’s still got that classic rock sound with added humour. Although there isn’t really a lot more happening than its predecessors, that’s not to say the songs are poor because they are still very comical and very well written. It just depends on whether you think originality overrules quality, or vice versa.

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