19 April 2022

Squiggles – Look What We Have Done – 22nd April

This week I have had the pleasure of reviewing Squiggles upcoming EP Look What We Have Done, which is due for release on 22nd April. Squiggles is a project started by the band’s frontman Niall during lockdown, which is now coming to fruition. The songs are influenced by that time, how he questioned his life and what he values. 

Everything You Learned You Lost kicks off the EP with a rock barrage from the offset, featuring some great drum fills and a quality guitar solo in the middle. There is clearly a lot of emotion and pain connected to this song, as you can hear it in the singer’s voice. The end of the song is almost spoken word and he sounds on the verge of tears, it’s very evocative. The only downside was that the chorus and beats of the song needed more variation. 

Is Your Heart in the Right Place is the second track off the EP. Honestly this was the track where the lead vocalists off key singing was most prominent. I understand it’s somewhat of a stylistic choice and meant to be rock and roll, but I just found it jarring and unpleasant to listen to. 

This Is a Wake-Up Call is the strongest track on the EP in my opinion. The chorus has a bit more substance rather than saying the same sentence over and over again. We hear more of the female singer, whose vocals are much more pleasant to listen to. Finally the song breaks down to build up again to a crescendo. We don’t see this type of musical variation in the other tracks. 

When I first heard the intro to We Only Came Here for Your Hearts it put me in mind of 90’s Britpop with its buoyancy. There is also a great guitar solo thrown into this song for good measure. 

So, in summation there are some positives to take from this EP. There is some obvious musical talent in this band, which is evident through the guitar solos and drum flourishes spread across the tracks. There is also real emotion behind these lyrics which you don’t always see. Also there has to be credit given to the female backing singer who has been criminally underused. However, the lyrics and song structures of these tracks are fairly basic and the lead singer’s vocals are off key in several areas, which doesn’t make for pleasant listening. I hope that in future offerings they can utilise their talent to create more diverse and engaging songs. 


“Upbeat pop punk mixed with rock and roll”

Best track: This Is A Wake Up Call

Look What We Have Done is available via Alcopop Records from 22nd April and can be purchased here and on all major streaming platforms

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