05 July 2016

Sonic Entrails release flagship drone/doom/noise cassette compilation

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1-CollagesSonic Entrails records have unveiled the first volume of their flagship label compilation PHONIC ENTRAILS. It is available now via their bandcamp page as a low price download and a limited edition cassette of only 30 hand finished copies.

This is the second release for the label which focuses on underground drone, dark ambient, doom and experimental sounds.

It features rare and unreleased material from Tunnels of Āh (featuring members of Head of David), John 3:16, Mutate, D.N.P., From The Bogs of Aughiska, [ówt krì], Futile Escapist Front (Flesh Eating Foundation side project), Red Clouds, Phantom Signal, Peter Heselton, Skretch Event and Soiled.

It is sure to be a future collectors item so bag your copy from their bandcamp page.