10 September 2021

Soiree With The Dead Vol 3 Megadeth Special

Join Ben Jekyll for a bit of change to the regular soiree menu.

He will be standing in for 3 shows over the new few weeks, each focussed on a different part of his rock music world.

In this second part he is taking a look at one of the most influential bands on his early days dipping his toes into the metal world, Megadeth.

Featuring music from every album

Megadeth – the mechanix
Megadeth – good mourning/black friday
Megadeth – in my darkest hour
Megadeth – hangar 18
Megadeth – countdown to extinction
Megadeth – victory
Megadeth – 99 ways to die
Megadeth – angry again
Megadeth – trust
Megadeth – crush em
Megadeth – dread and the fugitive mind
Megadeth – kick the chair
Megadeth – never walk alone…a call to arms
Megadeth – this day we fight!
Megadeth – public enemy no 1
Megadeth – kingmaker
Megadeth – fatal illusion
Megadeth – a tout le monde feat Cristina Scabbia
BodyCount – civil war feat Dave Mustaine 

Catch Ben Jekyll hosting his usual show on Saturday night from 8-10pm with Dancing With The Dead.

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