02 September 2021

Soiree With The Dead Vol 2 Metallica Special

Join Ben Jekyll for a bit of change to the regular soiree menu.

He will be standing in for 3 shows over the new few weeks, each focussed on a different part of his rock music world.

In this second part he is taking a look at one of the most influential bands on his early days dipping his toes into the metal world, Metallica.

Featuring music from every album

Metallica – metal miltia
Metallica – creeping death
Metallica – the thing that should not be
Metallica – blackened
Metallica – the struggle within
Metallica – 2 x 4
Metallica – carpe diem baby
Metallica – the more i see
Metallica – minus human
Metallica – i disappear
Metallica – st anger
Metallica – cyanide
Metallica – hate train
Metallica – moth into flame
Metallica – no leaf clover

Next week catch Ben Jekyll looking at the career of Megadeth.

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