02 September 2021

Rockhammer with Stevie J – Show 76 Featuring Accept

Stevie J Played the following tracks:

Metallica-For Whom The Bell Tolls
Accept-Aiming High
Hippie Death Cult-Red Meat Tricks
Dead Man’s Whiskey-This Fight
Urne-Serpent & Spirit
Accept-Fast As A Shark
Space Chaser-Remnants Of Technology
King Buffalo-The Knocks
Exodus-The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)
Hand of Kalliach-Cinders
Texas Hippie Coalition-Outlaw
Just A Ride-Start Over
Motorhead-Stay Clean
Gojira-Another World
Accept-Midnight Mover
Raging Speedhorn-Snakebite
Deafrat-Hail The End Of Days
Uriah Heep-Look At Yourself
Accept-Too Mean To Die
Unknown Refuge-Battle Hymn
King Creature-Can You Forgive Me?