11 January 2022

Skid’s House of Loud 192 09.01.22

Missed the latest Skid’s House of Loud  Show first aired on 9th January 2022 playing 2 hours of classic rock and metal spanning genres as well as decades?

This show includes the following playlist –

Led Zeppelin – Whole lotta love

New York Dolls – Personality crisis

Girl – Hollywood tease

Hole – Garbage man

Dave Mathews band – The space between

Queen – I am in love with my car

Van halen – Drop dead legs

Hawkwind – Kings of speed

King Zebra – Hop cop lady

GUN – Better days – Taking on the world

SKAM – Wake up

Widow Maker – Evil

Santana – Open invitation

ACDC – Hells bells

Iron Maiden – Running free

MSG – Armed and ready

Rush – Spirit of radio

Girlschool – Race with the devil

Ramones – Do you remember rock n roll radio

Pat Travers band – Snortin whiskey

Motorhead – Ace of spades

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy train

Black Sabbath – Neon nights

Judas Priest – Breaking the law

Diamond Head – Its electric

Angelwitch – Free man

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