10 January 2022

Losin It With Luscious #79 all star East Bay punk band debut & Justice for Mouayed Bashir


Hear the exciting WORLD DEBUT of Tension Span, a brand new East Bay punk band featuring members of Neurosis, Christ On Parade, Dystopa, and Kicker!

On a more sombre note, we talk about the February 2021 death of Mouayed Bashir in police custody in Wales and spin the new heart-felt and hard-hitting metallic hardcore song about the police by his brother’s band Torchbearer. #blacklivesmatter

Plus new punk & metal from Matt Pike (High On Fire), Mark Murphy and the Meds, GOD$ (Kominas), Dis-Tank (Domestics), classics from Bikini Kill, Undertones, This Is My Fist, U.K. Subs, High Technology Suicide, Noothgrush, Nausea, Sick Of It All, No Trend, Nxx Drivers, Shitty Limits, Fang, Eighth Route Army, M.D.C., Pizza Tramp, Sham 69, Thug Murder, Angelic Upstarts, Los Fastidios, Arrivals, Hammerbombs, Vixen 77, Dickies, Otoboke Beaver, Aunt Sally, Toy Dolls, & the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Mark Murphy and the Meds She’s Been To Reno
Bikini Kill- Double Dare Ya
This Is My Fist- Last of the Ammunition
U.K. Subs- Kicks
Undertones- Teenage Kicks
Toy Dolls- Spiders In The Dressing Room
Aunt Sally- Subete Urimono
Dickies- Banana Splits
Otoboke Beaver- Love Is Short
Vixen 77- Give It Up
Hammerbombs- Shower Beer
Arrivals- Simple Pleasures In America
Thug Murder- Bus
Los Fastidios- Fiumi Di Parole
Angelic Upstarts- Never ‘Ad Nothing
Sham 69 – Hey Little Rich Boy
Pizza Tramp- Millions of Dead Goths
M.D.C.- Millions of Dead Cops
Eighth Route Army- Record Burning Party Tonight
Tension Span- Covered In His Blood
Tension Span- Cracked Society
Fang- Berkeley Heathen Scum
Shitty Limits- Hardwired
Nip Drivers- Directed At
Nip Drivers- Talk About Cars
GOD$- Hai Yusef
No Trend- Family Style
Torchbearer- Never Forgive
Sick Of It All- Maladjusted
Matt Pike- Alien Slut Mum
Nausea- Clutches
Dis-Tank- Wasting Prayers on a Fucked Up System
Dis-Tank- Crisis
Noothgrush- Oil Removed
High Technology Suicide- Track 1, Disc 1


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