07 November 2021

Skid’s House of Loud 183 07.11.21

Missed the latest Skid’s House of Loud  Show first aired on 7th November playing 2 hours of classic rock and metal spanning genres as well as decades?

This show includes the following playlist –

KISS – When lightning strikes

Guns n Roses – Better

Volbeat – Seal the deal

The Rolling Stones – Undercover of the night

Alice Cooper – Cold Ethyl

Midnight Oil – Gadical land

 Vardis – Out of the way (live) 

Slash fest Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – The river is rising

Elles Bailey – Sunshine city

RJ Archer and the painful memories – A little mercy

 System of a Down – Old school Hollywood/Lost in Hollywood

Iron Maiden – Hallowed be thy name

Rush – Spirit of radio (live)

Zodiac Mindwarp and the love reaction – Driving on holy gasoline

Waterboys – My wandering in the weary land

Stone Temple Pilots – Black Heart  

Status Quo – Road house blues 

Neil Young – Old man

David Bowie – Suffragette city

ZZ Top – Just got paid

Slade – Mama were all crazy now

BOC – Cities on flame with Rock n Roll


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