07 November 2021

Dancing With The Dead Vol 36

When was the last time you listened to some bona fide new music?
Last week? Last month?
However long it`s been you can fix that right now and get a fresh load of new singles in your ears with Ben Jekyll
This week has new tunes from

The Wake – emily closer (Kill Shelter Remix)
White Collar Sideshow – tombstones for eyes
Diablo Swing Orcehstra – speed dating an arsonist
MaHa Rocks – too often i was offered to die (Metal Version)
Rabbitjunk – denature (Lazerpunk Remix)
Reef – shoot me your ace
Rise Against – talking to ourselves
Ruby Fields – r.e.g.o.
Seven Stones – break
Feeder – wall of silence
Peaness – what`s the use
Set It Off – skeleton
Superlove – wanna luv u
Altered Myths – 3113
Cane Hill – bleed when you ask me
Thornhill – casanova
Dregg – beta gods
Comeback Kid – heavy steps
Bailer – there is a love that remains
Mister Misery – strangeland 2 the return
Battle Beast – master of illusion
One Morning Left – beat it
Oceans – sulfur
Ad Infinitum – animals

Dancing With The Dead will be back next week, 8-10pm UK time on Saturday night via mmhradio.co.uk
Please direct any love/hate/praise/distain/requests/submissions to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk