07 April 2019

Skid’s House of Loud 053 07.04.19 1st Anniversary Show



Brexit getting you down? Cheer yourself up by listening to Skid’s anniversary show again on the podcast to two hours of top rock related music including –

The Knack – My Sharona

Graham Bonnet – SOS

Blue Cheer – Summertime blues

Trooper –  Don’t like being told what to do

Motorhead – Motorhead

AC/DC – Let there be rock

Scorpions – The Zoo

Kiss – Let me go rock n roll

Marillion – Grendel

AceLane – See you in heaven

Samson – Thunderburst

Mr Big (UK) – Sweet silence

Ramones – Let’s dance (live)

Diamond Head – In the heat of the night

Led Zeppelin – Whole lotta love

Massive – Generation Riot

Robin George – Don’t turn away

The Rods – Crank it up

UFO – Rock bottom (live)


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