06 April 2019

Dancing With The Dead Female Fronted Podcast

Recently there has been a fervent amount of debate about the existence of a genre referred to as FEMALE FRONTED.
Does it exist? Take a listen to some of the best the ladies of rock and metal from 2019 have to offer and see what you think!
Altered Sky – surrounded
Stop The Presses – rude skank
cheerbleederz – staying up late
Healthy Junkies – this is not a suicide
Not Ur Girlfrenz – friends or memories
Sir Curse – tarot
Heavy Feather – long ride
Lola Black – hot enough
New Years Day – shut up
Avantasia – moonglow
Battle Beast – no more hollywood endings
Delain – hunters of destiny
Forever Still – breathe in colours
Employed To Serve – force fed
Ithaca – impulse brush
Jinjer – perennial
Dremora – dreamless sleep
The SoapGirls – one way street
Brocarde – last supper
Ignea – queen dies
Illusions of Grandeur – silent suicide
Hidden Lapse – dead jester
Reason Define – waves
Hot Milk – take your jacket
Tura Satana – six feet deep