20 January 2019

Skid’s House of Loud 042 20.01.19




Catch up on Skid’s House of Loud show aired on Sunday 20th January 2019 , two hours of top rock and metal including :

Budgie – Breadfan

Bryan Adams  – Long gone

Little Angels – Kicking up dust

Metallica – The day that never comes

UK Subs – Chemical war

Uriah Heep – Bird of prey

Chris Cornell – It’s an all night thing (live acoustic)

Rose Tattoo – Nice boys

Trooper – Don’t like being told what to do

Van Halen – Running with the devil

Deep Purple – Smoke on the water

Kiss – Let me go rock n roll

Loverboy – Lovin’ every minute of it (live)

ELO – Don’t bring me down

Doc Holiday – Lonesome guitar

The Outlaws – Green grass and high tides

The Kinks – I am not like everybody else

Motorhead – Limb from limb

Def Leppard – Billy’s got a gun

Ozzy Osbourne – You can’t kill rock n roll

Paul Stanley – Live to win

Judas Priest – The rage


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