08 March 2019

SheWollf Unsigned 7.3.19 – with Linda Parker





Did you miss SheWolf Unsigned this week?
You did?
Shame on you!
Here is another chance to listen to 2 hours of the best Unsigned Rock & Metal from around the World

Featuring music from ….
Hellbound Hearts, TheVirgin Marys, Ryan Webb, Scarsun, Headpress, Nitroville, Andalusia Rose, Figures, Dirty Orange, Attic Theory, Bosphorus Night, In The Presence Of Wolves, HeavyAmericA, Sircurse, Heart Of Jordan, Motion Device, Syteria, Toreador, Jean Cabbie and The Secret Admiration Society, Pound Of Flesh, Heroes Dont Ask Why, Hi Speed Life

Plus this weeks interview is with Attic Theory

This weeks Playlist …
Hellbound Hearts – Blood
TheVirginMarys – S.O.S.4.U.N.I
Ryan Webb – In A Day Or Two
Scarsun – Make Me Ache
Headpress – Watch Like Cowards
Nitroville – Motorocker
Andalusia Rose – A Little Bit More
Figures – Filter
Dirty Orange – Hellraiser
Bosphorus Night – No Reason To Stay
In The Presence Of Wolves – Palladium
Heavy AmericA – Easy Killer
Sir Curse – Tarot
Attic Theory – Saint Among Us, (Plus Interview)
Heart Of Jordan – Throne Alone
Motion Device – Alive
Syteria – Revolution
Toreador – Ashes
Jean Cabbie And The Secret Admiration Society – Breathe
Pound Of Flesh – Freak
Heroes Dont Ask Why -Blink Of An Eye
Hi Speed Life – Make It Right