09 March 2019

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 9/3/19




Another fun-filled riff-tastic breakfast show with Pete K Mally. Featuring many up and coming bands together with some older established legends. The Pete K Mally Breakfast Show. Catch up now and give your ears a treat

Skid Row – Big Guns

Monster Truck – Don’t tell me how to live

Ryders Creed – On the Road

Black Spiders – KISS tried to kill me

Soul asylum – Somebody to shove

Europe – Days of Rock n Roll

Coverdale/Page – Shake my tree

The Amorettes – Everything I learned

Gin Annie – Chains

Gorilla Riot – Bad Son

Little Angels – Too much too young

Foo fighters – My hero

Scarlet Rebels – Not the one

Massive Wagons – Ratio

Extreme – Warheads

Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil

River Becomes Ocean – This hell is heaven sent

Dust and Bones – Guns N Roses

Statement – Monsters

Katalina Kicks – Yeah yeah yeah

Concrete Kingdoms – Time to play

Pearl Jam – Rear view mirror

The Vandals – Don’t stop me now