22 February 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 21.2.19 – with Linda Parker

Another chance to Listen to SheWolf Unsigned this week, Just in case you missed it!
Featuring music from ..

Exit From Dark, GraveWitch, Gutterflower, Quorum, Dead At 27, Experiment 34, Sons Of Liberty
Fueled Hate, Mallen, Faith & Scars, All These Yesterdays, Pacto, Fall From Perfection, Fear Without Reason,
Victorius, Pearler, False Flags, Under Darkest Skies, Dead Earth,
Acts Of Vengeance, Widows, Surrge, Fahran, FireRoad, Junkyard Royalty

This Weeks Playlist …

Exit From Dark – Take Control
GraveWitch – Forrest Of Grief
Gutterflower – Ephelid
Quorum – Longer
Dead At 27 – Lights
Experiment 34 – Mud
Sons Of Liberty – The Brave
Fueled Hate – Calling
Mallen – Pull The Trigger
Faith & Scars – Not Worth Fighting For
All These Yesterdays – Suffer
Pacto – Muerto, El Libro De Tu Vida
Surrge – The Wish Of Disease
Fall From Perfection – Story
Fear Without Reason – Broken
Victorius – To The Death
Pearler – Lung Apocalypse
False Flags – Onslaught
Under Darkest Skies – All My Life
Dead Earth – Steel Coffins
Acts Of Vengeance – When I fall
Widows – P.s Worry
Fahran – Long Gone
Junkyard Royalty – Bad Side Of The City