23 February 2019

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 23.02.19

Another blistering episode of Pete K Mally’s Breakfast Show featuring new rock music peppered with some old classics and a few surprises. Chatting about Meet and Greets and having a game of Where’s Toby. It’s the Pete K Mally Breakfast show. 10am to midday. A great way to start your weekend

Led Zepplin – The immigrant song
Chickenfoot – Bigfoot
Jack J Hutchinson – Deal with the Devil
Samarkind – Fire and Blood
Mason Hill – Now you see me
Love/Hate – Black out in a red room
Scorpions – Rock you like a hurricane
The Rocket Dolls – None of this is right
Poison – Unskinny Bob
JoanOVarc – Ride of your life
Gilby Clarke – Cure me or kill me
Metallica – Of Wolf and Man
Queen – Football Fight
The Dust Coda – Rock n Roll
Theia – Just Go
Deever – Fire at Will
Tesla – Modern Day Cowboy
The Howling Tides – Crack my soul
Beth Blade and the beautiful things – Down and Dirty
Slash – Halo
Soundgarden – Rusty cage
Whitesnake – still of the night