28 October 2014

Sequential Access – Sex Addicts Anonymous

7823880951Sequential Access is an old school EBM collaboration between Marco Defcode (Decoded Feedback) and Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip/Klutæ). Does that little into let you know what to expect with ‘ Sex Addicts Anonymous’? Well yes it does I guess. Read on!

Before I even did my little bit of research to set the scene above, I had already scratched out a few notes that included the words ‘old school EBM’, ‘for fans of Nitzer Ebb, Spetsnaz, Thrill Kill Kult’. This should inform you with confidence that their aim of releasing an old school EBM album has been well and truely achieved. But is it any good? With such a pedegree it should be.

The overall tone of the album I an eager to portray is a brash retro one, with plenty of energy, a hint of menace and a dollop of sleaze.

Tracks like ‘Du Tog Min Tid'(which google tells me translates to ‘You Took My Time’) and ‘Where Are You’ in oparticular make the dancefloor a target that you want to hit with deadly accuracy, and lets face it, that IS the point of EBM isn’t it?

‘Let Me Abuse You’ could perhaps be the album ballad, though with lyrics like that there isn’t much romance I’d like to tap into too much. It sounds like a seedier Depeche Mode at times. ‘The Ghosg of Me’ would sound perfectly at home on a minimal wave compilation of lost classics from the late 70s early 80s blossoming European ynth scene. They really have captured the essence of a genre without sounding tired or pointless.

‘Restrained’ is one of the albums faster paced numbers that made me want to dig out my old Die Krupps 12″s. ‘Grow Some Balls’ makes me want to play my early Bablyland CDs. ‘We Belong Dead’ roused memories of Alien Sex Fiend at their crooked best. Never a bad thing. I don’t normally like filling reviews with comparisons with other bands but I feel I am justified in this case as the devilish duo have set out to create something that sounds like EBM bands used to.

Throughout the album the vocals assault you with chants and urgent mantras, effective and enjoyable. The basslines throb and gyrate, the percussion belts your ear drums in all the right ways.Is it inventive? No it isn’t. Is it set to be a timeless classic? Probably not. Is it fun? ABSOFRICKINGLUTELY it is. More? Yes please.