27 November 2017

Samantha Fish @ The Robin 2 – 22/11/17

Samantha Fish has finally hit the UK with her own band, a whole new set of songs, and a determination to play the music she loves with a band she loves.

Supporting Miss Fish tonight were the most excellent RAINBREAKERS.

If you are going to put a class act like Samantha Fish on the bill then you need to have a support act who can step up to the mark and serve up a quality entree. Who you gonna call? RAINBREAKERS.

These guys were excellent from the opening riffs until they respectfully made way for Ms Fish’s band to occupy the stage. Rainbreakers, a four piece outfit from Shrewsbury, have been hailed as one of the freshest new sounds in the UK blues rock and soul circuit. Quite rightly so in my opinion. The energy, enthusiasm and commitment to every song they perform is a sight to behold.

As they performed their set I could not help but notice how all four members threw themselves into every track as if their lives depended on it.

The band members are;

Ben – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Charlie – Lead Guitar
Peter – Bass
Sam – Drums

Watching Peter and Sam working feverishly to support the rhythm, lead and vocals leaves you in no doubt as to why this band are going from strength to strength and deserve to be leading contenders in the British Blues Industry. I genuinely hope to see them again and look forward to finding out about where their journey started and where it may end maybe with some interesting detours along the route.


Samantha Fish @ The Robin 2 – 22/11/17

When Samantha and her band hit the stage you just sensed that something special was going to happen. From the very first few notes you knew that she meant business. She was clearly delighted to be able to show off her band who had travelled over from the States with her.

She oozed quality, sophistication and personality but, most importantly, the quality of the music was unquestionable. When her critically acclaimed album ‘Chills and Fever’ hit the shops some of the old school blues lovers were a little twitchy. Oh no, what has she done? Where are all the raunchy and sexy guitar riffs that we had gotten used to. Will we ever get to enjoy the very bluesy ‘Turn It Up’ or ‘Bitch On The Run’ and what about ‘Highway’s Holding Me Now’. I confess to mentioning those tracks as they are some of my favourite and to be honest with you, this reviewer was desperately wanting to hear them.

But rest assured, although they did not surface there was no shortage of stunning music played with enthusiasm and expertise by a band who looked so content with what they were doing that it almost wouldn’t have mattered if we were there or not,

Samantha Fish has evolved. Her blues roots and superb guitar playing was there in evidence over the whole evening but what also was very apparent was her astonishing songwriting skills and ability to deliver them with serious style and pizazz (oh no I’ve used the ‘P’ word). When I consider the rise in recent years of Imelda May who has trodden many of the same boards as Samantha Fish it leaves me in no doubt that Samantha Fish is going to appeal to the same growing audience and rightly so. I hope that the old favourites remain in her set and will be aired from time to time but I also take my hat off to her for staying true to the music she loves and wants to play rather than just turning out stuff that will be guaranteed to bring in the readies.

Not that I think she will not sell records. Her latest CD ‘Belle Of The West’ just oozes quality and is a must if you like this genre.

Last and definitely not least is the main reason that you should get out and listen to Samantha Fish. That is her amazing vocals. She has the kind of voice that could stop an argument, fell a tree and gently guide a sleepy child into the land of dreams. There was never a moment when I wanted a song to end or became disinterested, Samantha Fish LIVE is a joy to behold and worth every penny of your hard earned cash. This lady sings the Blues from the heart, rocks with the best of them, screams with the wildest of them and serenades with the smoothest of them.

If you have an opportunity to see her Live then take it and experience Samantha Fish as she wants you to . . . Live and Alive!

I should also point out the amazing band that she has assembled to help display her wares. Every single one of them committed to every song they performed. Sure, I may have missed some of my old favourites but they can be resurrected at any time (and I have no doubt they will be) but Ms Fish is forward looking and exploring a new sound which frankly suits her perfectly.

Can’t wait to see how it all develops!